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Dental Checkup, next Month. Mental health checkup…..!!

When was the last time you visited your dentist?
With in last 30/90/180 days?
When was the last time you visited your mental health counselor!
If you are not able to recollect becasuse you dont have one or you feel like you dont need one then our Woketale Staff has something to say here. Read our thoughts in this article and do let us know what you think about it in comments section. Oh and don’t forget to subscribe.

Why we exist?

 A stroke of sharply carved granite on the sand and stone wall evolved the human civilization to where it stands today. 

Like the ever-evolving cosmos, the stone has metamorphosed into a matrix of small glass and plastic squares right underneath your fingertips.

 And the wall of that cave has denatured into a custom-sized glass envelope concealing and reflecting the symphony produced by silicon circuitry.

WOKETALE is Nimbleopus commitment to boldly  re-paint that wall with  notions  wringing in every head but not  on any mouth.

~ Founders

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HIGH Thinking

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Tech Talk

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NFTs are big! It’s the Fungibility that got small

Fungibility to economics is like Newtonian laws to physics. How would you react if those laws are challenged?
Yup, that’s what is happening with fungibility. Our independent guest author Shannon discusses how NFTs are challenging fungibility and transforming the world of financial transactions.

When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.                                  
-Bob Marley

Mend Environment

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I Am Aware Of What I Eat

In this article, our author Brianda Jiménez Bolivar touches various aspects of our eating habits, what could be wrong with them in respect to environment and how we can bring a HUGE tangible change in environment with minor alterations in our habits.

Sustainable Living Cover

Trash The Trash

In this article, our author Brianda Jiménez Bolivar talks about her subtle strategy to save the environment with the focus on intelligent waste management.


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